Create Photo Manipulations in Photoshop

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Art is not for the weary. It highlights your strengths and weaknesses like no other. Reminding you often that there is always room to learn.

The strength card is one of 78 fascinating cards from the popular Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. One of many divination and spiritual tools I’ve been excited to absorb as of lately, it means exactly as it is, strength—the sometimes uncanny ability to maintain grace and compassion through all of life’s complicated story lines.

And to create art is to step into an ever-evolving story.  So in this video, we’ll cover some of my top tips when it comes to making photo manipulations in Adobe Photoshop—inspired by my new love of cartomancy. Watch the video below.

Written by Melody
I'm a self taught digital artist and Photoshop instructor from NY, currently residing in CT. I love to create digital paintings while helping others learn too. Tweet me @MelloNieves for all your digital art questions! <3