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About Me

Honestly, I never wanted to be an artist. Still, I always stood at the gallery windows, admiring the imagination of local creatives. In vineyard country USA, the off season left little room for entertainment, and that is where I found my inspiration.

For in the underbelly of my experiences grew trauma. So I studied. Befriending the library’s colorful stories and resources just around the corner.

“Art is freeing.” Is what I would tell my younger self. Whether creating or writing, there was nothing like finding my voice in a moment of expression. And now the cornerstone to my life resides in those simple acts of freedom.

Sometimes it’s that simple. I love art. I make it and write it and teach it occasionally. And learning is my specialty. A self-taught artist, I take all my experiences as lessons to share with fellow creatives. I also create project-based tutorials to help you understand more about digitally painting hair, faces, and more.

My Work

“I was born in the wild—the boonies of Long Island, NY. A seaport town on a fish-shaped island made me. And I am the sailboat in all my paintings.”

Much of my work is purely autobiographical. I paint symbolic scenes of a life and childhood growing up in a seaport town on Long Island. Though you’ll often see self portraits and nautical themes in my art, I also work to push my own limitations by trying new styles, software, and mediums.

Here are just a few of the things that I’m passionate about:

  • Digital Painting & Illustration
  • Photo Manipulation & Photo Effects
  • Graphic Design & Art History